Supersites offers a simple, fixed-cost solution to any WordPress issues.

Our team of experts has decades of experience in managing WordPress websites. We can fix any WordPress problem, including:

  • WordPress theme and plugin support
  • Error and bug fixing
  • Plugin issues and errors
  • Website crash
  • WordPress migrations, backup, and restore
  • WordPress White Screen
  • Malware cleanup and security protection

Contact us today to get started. We will analyse the issue free of charge and report back with our comprehensive plan of action.

Fix My Website Pricing

€69.99 +VAT

  • Malware removal
  • Fix a Broken Site
  • White screen of death
  • Contact forms error
  • WooCommerce Checkout Error

Common issues we fix and resolve

  • WordPress White Screen
  • Hacked WordPress Website
  • WordPress Migration to another host
  • Slow WordPress Website
  • Error message displaying on your WordPress Website
  • Updating WordPress Core Code and plugins
  • Install a new Plugin
  • Fix database connection errors
  • Set up caching
  • Fix WordPress website DNS records

Our promise to you

Your WordPress website is in safe hands with Ten10. We have years of experience in managing, updating, patching and fixing WordPress Websites. Our sole aim is complete customer satisfaction, and we will work efficiently and professionally to get your issue resolved.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – We will refund you in full if you are unhappy with the work we have done.

  • Diligent Teams – Ten10 only manages, maintains and supports WordPress websites, and it is our only focus. We have the experience and knowledge to fix your WordPress problem in-house, and we do not subcontract to any other provider.

  • Quick Response – We aim to resolve more issues within 2 hours.

  • Backups – Before starting any work, we will take a full backup of your website. We can roll back at any time if there are any issues.

WordPress Technical Support

At Supersites, we provide one-time and ongoing WordPress technical support. Our team of WordPress experts specialises in fixing WordPress issues. A complete solution to resolve WordPress core, theme, and plugin issues and problems.

  • Error and bug fixing

  • Malware cleanup and security protection

  • WordPress migrations

Request a WordPress Fix

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Immediate Response

Our average response time is under 15 minutes. If we need any further information we will contact you straight back.

Sit back and relax

We will start work immediately to resolve the problem and have your WordPress website fixed in no time.

Any Questions?

There are several common WordPress errors that users may encounter. Here are a few examples:

  1. White Screen of Death (WSOD): This error is caused by a PHP fatal error or a memory limit issue. It results in a white screen and no error message, making it difficult to identify the problem.
  2. Internal Server Error: This error is usually caused by a corrupted .htaccess file or a problem with the web server.
  3. Error Establishing a Database Connection: This error is caused by an incorrect database login or a corrupted database.
  4. 404 Error: This error occurs when a requested page or file cannot be found on the server.
  5. Syntax Error: This error is caused by a mistake in the code syntax of a theme, plugin, or file.
  6. Mixed Content Error: This error occurs when a website is loaded over HTTPS but contains elements that are loaded over HTTP, causing a security warning to be displayed to users.
  7. Maintenance Mode Error: This error occurs when WordPress is performing maintenance on the site, and visitors are not able to access the site.
  8. Plugin Conflict Error: This error occurs when two or more plugins conflict with each other, causing unexpected behaviour or site crashes.

At Ten10, we are experts in resolving WordPress errors, issues and performance problems. Contact us today if you need any help or assistance with your WordPress website.

If you encounter issues with your WordPress website, it is important to identify the root cause of the problem and find a solution to fix it. This can involve troubleshooting errors, fixing broken links or images, updating plugins or themes, and optimising website speed and performance. is a leading WordPress development agency that specialises in fixing WordPress websites and providing ongoing support and maintenance services. Our team of experts has extensive experience with troubleshooting and resolving issues of all kinds, from minor bugs to major site crashes. can help with a wide range of WordPress issues, including security vulnerabilities, plugin conflicts, theme customization, database errors, performance optimisation, and more. We offer personalised solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client, ensuring that your website is running smoothly and efficiently.
All Supersites websites are fully responsive across all devices. This ensures your website looks great on everything from desktop monitors to mobile phones.
The Website Requirement Meeting allows us to get a clear picture of what you want from your new website. Our team will talk through key points such as the style, functionality and expectation of the site to guide us in the initial design stage.
Absolutely. Our team will discuss this with you during the Website Requirement Meeting, and present a solution that works best for your website’s needs.
We aim to complete each website within 6-8 weeks. If you require a shorter timeframe, let our team know.
The cost of a website depends on the functionality that is required. As a general estimate, our average site cost is between €1000 – €5000. We will always provide a full quotation on completion of a free Website Requirement Meeting.